About Us

Our SaaS Startup Stage: Pre-seed as of March 2022

Our mission is to create price transparency, clear communication, and quick booking options for your next auto mechanic interaction.

This is AutoVybe – an application platform that connects you to the best auto mechanic to satisfy your vehicle needs. We believe that booking your car repairs should only need a few taps on your smartphone. 

We love a road trip, but things can go south fast if your vehicle isn’t fit for the road. From helping independent mechanics of all sizes succeed, to enabling drivers to find and book their next appointment with the mechanic, our story is one of a helping hand – connecting auto mechanic shops and drivers, and auto mechanics and their communities.

We want to increase independent mechanic revenue by effortlessly connecting drivers who need auto services completed with the correct mechanic.

AutoVybe has a huge vision of becoming the place to go for any mechanic need and assisting the world’s one billion vehicles get the repair’s they need.   

Founded in 2022, by Samantha Chiarelli, an aspiring entrepreneur determined to help others find a trustworthy mechanic. As a management graduate, she is passionate about consulting businesses in the auto mechanic industry.